Torch Song

Torch Song
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Blow Torch in the Kitchen

Unless you’ve been asleep at the culinary wheel, you’ve seen ’em: blow torches in the kitchen.

Exhibit A: I Blew Up My Flan

Exhibit B: Real Women Have Blowtorches

But why buy a mini-torch when you can take home something with enough propane to sear a side of wild boar? Kitchen DIYers unanimously choose the plumber’s best friend (no, it’s not a plunger after all): the blue-canistered BernzOmatic.

And for you, curious reader, a list of ways to torchify your world:

1. Torch marshmallows for s’mores
2. Crisp up the skin on a baked/sautéed/grilled fish
3. Torch the bottom of a bowl of butter cream frosting to warm before spreading
4. Give a banana a really nice, sweet, singed edge
5. Blacken up a red bell pepper for immediate yum
6. Sprinkle peach slices with brown sugar, then torch until sugar bubbles
7. Torch avocado slices just slightly for warmth and heavenly melty-ness

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