Remedy Me

Remedy Me
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When life gives you lemons, make bitters.

Fallen plums? No sweat. Bake tarts.

Making each other feel good is what Remedy is all about.

Kelly Carámbula, publisher, editor, and designer of the print quarterly (and new momma, to boot!), writes, “A good meal (or even just a bite of something) . . . soothes us after a hard day’s work, brings life to a party, and is the basis for what makes us happy.”

Carámbula believes everyone has a perfect recipe that’s meaningful to them and that Remedy is an ideal medium to share that inspiration, similar to community cookbooks. She invites everyone to indulge in the apron-pocket-size journal—from food writers, to grandmas at the top of their game.

Of course, expect nothing less than a generous and optimistic approach to the food writing, too. The stories and recipes offer adventure and reassurance, with single-themed issues titled Risk, Comfort, and Discovery.


Our favorite morsels:

Swoon-worthy curry ketchup.

A recipe for Thai catfish salad 20 years in the making.

Cures for the mammoth hangover.

Family meals at Battersby, Brooklyn.


With a hand-drawn and -penned recipe-book quality, its tasteful craftiness can’t help but delight. Meanwhile, the offset printing ensures the pages will age gracefully, with the same aplomb of those recipes handed down to us.

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