Recipe – Tamarind Milk Shake

Recipe – Tamarind Milk Shake
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What To Do With Tamarind Paste

Tamarind, meet You. You, meet tamarind.

Actually, you may already know it. Tamarind is a key ingredient in Thai peanut sauces and red curry paste, and in Asia it’s used like lemons—for a tart, citrusy burst of brightening flavor.

But have you ever used tamarind paste? At home? Without parental supervision?

We thought so. Tamarind paste is a dark brown, sticky pulp that lines the tree’s knobular pods. It’s not very aromatic, but it has a sweet-sour, slightly fruity, earthy taste. It gives lots of those super-hot south Indian dishes their sourness, and it’s in Chinese hot and sour soup. And guess what? Tamarind is in Worcestershire sauce.

Zoom on over to your local East Indian or Asian market (or online) to find tamarind in its thick, fairly dry paste form. (It also comes in concentrate or syrup form, but—meh.) You can store it in the pantry. It keeps pretty much indefinitely.

Then add tamarind paste to your favorite curry. (It’ll bring out the other flavors.) Or try red snapper with garlic, onion, soy sauce, ginger, and tamarind paste. It can also be used with salt as a rub for steak, or with ginger in a marinade for pork.

How about a tamarind milk shake? Our chef Marja whipped this little recipe up in her kitchen just the other night. It makes a rich, creamy-yet-refreshing shake with a tart, earthy, fruity twist.


Tamarind Milk Shake


The Goods

1-1/2 cups vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 tablespoon tamarind paste, seeds removed

The How-To

Place ingredients in a blender and mix well.

Serve in a tall chilled glass.


Tame your inner tamarind at importfood.com.

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