Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love
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DIY Kombucha Fruit Cider

You want to like Kombucha tea; what’s more exciting than a beverage fermented by something that belongs in Yoda’s kitchen?

But the flavor always leaves you wincing.

Happily, the Kombucha culture is capable of more than sour tea. A novel beverage called Kombucha Fruit Cider is naturally sweet with a delicious earthy fragrance, especially good over ice.

First, get your hands on a Kombucha culture. Often called “mothers” or “scobys,” the cultures look like jelly-fish and multiply like gremlins. Anyone who has one will be eager to share. You can also order them online or grow your own.

Get a liter or two of fruit juice. Avoid nectars and overly acidic juices like orange. Instead try apple, pear, or berry.

Place the juice and mother in a large crock or jar along with a tablespoon of the liquid the culture came in. Cover with cheesecloth and tie well with twine: air circulation good, bugs bad.

After 24-48 hours you will see bubbles forming. Remove the mother, strain the contents through cheesecloth, and bottle in bail-top glass bottles.

Refrigerate for another 24-48 hours and enjoy! Cider will keep for weeks in the fridge but will get more sour as time passes.

Your mother will live happily in cool tea between cider batches as long as it has enough sugar to please a southerner.

These ciders are strongly carbonated! Treat them as you would champagne: be gentle with the bottle and never open toward anyone you’re dating.


by Eli Brown

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