Recipe Writer’s Handbook

Recipe Writer’s Handbook
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Write Your Own

Think about it. You could create your own recipe.

Once you decide to write one, the world opens close to home. You’ll see your pantry as having essential ingredients for the yummy thing you’re conceiving. A good Pandora station is helpful too, plus a dose of inspiration. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get hold of The Recipe Writer’s Handbook. Most of the wisdom therein will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Rule Number One: List the ingredients and method sequentially.

Ask yourself: Do the steps flow as they should? Should the ice cream, for example, which is to be plated last, be prepared first so it can firm up in the freezer while the rest of the dessert is created?

Rule Number Two: Make each step as easy to follow as possible. Don’t succumb to elaborate explanations. If you’re stuck in a complicated, convoluted, long-winded sentence (ahem), break it down into two. Or three.

Finally, remember to test and retest—and allow yourself to fail here and there. Sooner or later, a pan will go up in flames, right?


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