Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach
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How to break out of the mold of standard-fare food journalism:

Start with renegade chef David Chang, who elevated noodles to a “veritable punk-rock culinary movement” with restaurant Momofuku.

Add to the mix Momofuku cookbook co-writer Peter Meehan.

Combine with the handcrafted publishing of McSweeney’s and editor Chris Ying.

Call it Lucky Peach.

It’s the magazine that pushes polite food writing further into the genre of literary fiction. Think muscular, single-themed issues with a rugged streetwise graphical approach, printed on thick matte paper.

Our favorite Chinatown edition features an exploding takeout box on the cover and a survey of the pigtail nuggets and savory seaweed fries found at McDonald’s Shanghai, with food-inspired poems by Bei Dao sprinkled throughout.

Available now: the gender issue. We can’t wait to read the interview with Alice Waters and the essay on the lasting cultural impact of Three’s Company’s Jack Tripper. We’re also up for art exploring the intersection of food and sex, curated by the creators of Thickness, the erotic comics anthology.

Here’s a bit more press for the Chang enterprise. This September, he’ll appear on TLC’s “The Mind of a Chef” to share precisely why chefs shouldn’t go to culinary school—bucking just one more convention.

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