DIY Buttah

DIY Buttah
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Make Your Own Butter

Newsflash: Mouth alive.

I just did something I’ve never done before. I made butter. And not just any butter but the freshest, creamiest, most delicious butter this side of the cow. In my little kitchen. In ten minutes.

It’s surprisingly fast and easy. All you need is an electric mixer, a strainer, and a bowl. Oh, and some heavy cream. I used four cups, which yielded about a half-pound of the good stuff, but you can take it up to six if you have lots of butter-hungry mouths to feed. And a big mixing bowl.

Here’s how it works:

1. Let the cream warm a little.

2. Pour the cream into the mixer bowl until it’s halfway full. Use the whisk attachment, and attach plastic wrap high around the bowl to avoid massive splatter.

3.Whip the cream for 5-10 minutes, until it looks like a bunch of small golden pebbles.

4. At the moment that the liquid begins to splatter the plastic, turn off the mixer.

5. Then pour the contents of the mixer bowl into a strainer and let drain. The white liquid that drains is buttermilk, which is great for baking or, you know, coffee.

6. Finally, knead the butter, squeezing out the buttermilk. If you like, add some sea salt, and after five minutes: voilà! Butter! For maximum fun, taste the butter as you knead. The flavor will intensify, and the texture will get silkier. Spread it on something warm and toasty, and taste it on your tongue.

by Melissa Levine, Lonesome Quill

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