Grow Bottle

Grow Bottle
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Grow Your Own

We’ve got doubts about Mint Chardonnay.

But what about mint grown in a Chardonnay bottle?

Now that might make the world a better place.

Grow Bottles make hydroponic herb farming compact and easy to do indoors year-round. Recycled wine bottles get new life with this high-yield, low-impact haven for cultivating fresh herbs.

Each upcycled Grow Bottle comes with seed, nutrient for the water, a wool wick, vermiculite, and clay pebbles to grow basil, chives, mint, oregano or parsley. The hydro-garden method is a fast, easy way to garden on countertops or windowsills. Ann Killen, co-owner of Potting Shed Creations in Idaho said her goal with the product was to take a complex gardening method and simplify it to give all comers the same feeling: I can do this.

Even those (ahem) with a long track record of failed garden plots.

The Grow Bottle is meant to be reused indefinitely in conjunction with replant kits. The folks at Potting Shed create other products as well—all by hand, resulting in minimal waste. So whether you grow your own pocket chocolate garden or mibuna mustard, you can put your conscience—and your pitchfork—to rest.

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