Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary
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Stay on the Farm and Help an Animal

Farm Sanctuary, here we come.

Dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and neglect and giving them happily-ever-afters, the Farm Sanctuary operates two large, beautiful farms on either side of the country, one in northern California and the other in western New York. And guess what? They’ve got cabins.

Or, in the case of the California farm, cabin. So it’s just you and los animalesout there on the range, mooing to your hearts’ content. In New York, it’s still intimate, with only a few cabins overlooking the lush, green hills. A vegan breakfast is served up daily in either place, and there’s plenty to do on the grounds and the environs both.

Take a tour. View the exhibits. Fraternize with the animals. Lie in the fields and watch the clouds go by. Or head out for a hike—in a nearby state park in New York or in the Coastal mountains in California. The farms also host events and conferences, so if your vegan quilting circle needs a place for its next bee, you know where to go.

Meanwhile, you’ll be supporting the heroic efforts of Farm Sanctuary, where downed and abused animals recover and live out their lives in comfort and (we can vouch) joy. Read all about it—especially the amazing rescue stories, which help you get the true flavor of the place. If you’ve got a grassy range of your own, you can always go home with a cow. If you’ve got weekend wanderlust, come visit.

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