Community Dinner

Community Dinner
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About Us

We love to eat and imbibe.

We’re farmers, ranchers, winemakers, chocolate makers, distillers, fermenters, chefs, chef-lovers, bartenders, home brewers, home cooks and eaters. We’re photographers, illustrators, designers and writers. We’re omnivores, carnivores, chocovores, bacon-vores, vegetarians, vegans, and people who laugh in the face of the suffix “vore.” We share a belief in, and commitment to pleasures of the palate.

We care about the environment. That translates into a concern about where our food and drink comes from and how it was packaged and shipped. We try to be organic, cruelty-free, farmer’s-market-sourcing foodists, but sometimes we stray. We’re human.

We keep our senses open—to new tastes and experiences. When we hear about an ingredient we’ve never tried, we drop our chopsticks and head to the nearest whatever to get it or to learn how to grow it.

We’re fond of wit. Other likes: passion, off-the-beaten-path thinking, and people who subscribe to TuttiFoodie.

So wheel on over to our sign up page and get it done.  Join up. We’ll invite you to our community dinner sometime.


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